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Summer is coming so get enrolled in swim lessons! Experience our spacious, clean facility, and our indoor heated pool. Call 469-640-1855 or Email info@waterchamps.com for any questions.

Swimming Lessons and Classes in Frisco

Water Champs

Swim School

provides year-round indoor

swimming lessons

for families in Frisco, TX, McKinney, Plano, and Allen. Indoor swim classes are available for ages 6 months and up for babies, toddlers, kids, and adults in group swim lessons or private swim lessons format.

Our swimming curriculum is designed to ensure your child’s success in becoming a great swimmer. Each swim level has been developed with specific objectives that help our students improve their swimming techniques and be safe in the water. The Water Champs swimming program has been developed by over 30 years of study and experience, and our methods place Water Champs at the forefront of instructional swimming programs.

Encouraging Water Confidence through a Gradual Approach to Learning

For many children, and adults as well, learning to swim can be a frightening task. That's why our swim classes Frisco are designed to make everyone comfortable throughout the learning process. Every student is assessed to evaluate their swimming capabilities before placing them in Frisco swimming lessons that match their capabilities.

Once the students are sorted by ability, they are challenged to gradually move outside of their comfort zone and improve their swimming form while building confidence in the water. From teaching children how to swim for the very first time, to helping adults master new strokes, we offer a comprehensive set of Frisco swim lessons for swimmers of every level.

Children that aren't comfortable in the water, or swimming in general, will be taken through a gradual set of classes to ease them into the water. Our instructors are always mindful of the anxieties that come with swimming, and with their help, your child can become comfortable in the water and learn to swim capably.

A Facility Designed for Comfort and Convenience

Our Facility Welcome to Frisco’s newest state of the art indoor Swim School! Our 5500 square foot newly constructed indoor facility will have: A separate climate-controlled viewing gallery with extra large glass, making it easy for parents to view their children as they take their lessons. The gallery is designed for comfort and for transparent lessons that will make parents feel more comfortable.

A state of the art EPA approved UV water purification and filtration system maintains the state of the water for all the swimmers. The system will keep the water clean, and enhance the swimming experience for everyone. The whole facility benefits from a humidity-controlled pool deck with water at 90 degrees for year-round swimming. Even during the colder months of the year students can hop in the pool and swim comfortably. The facility also comes with individual changing rooms designed to make everyone feel more comfortable preparing for a swim or for lessons.

The parents of younger children enjoy access to our diaper changing stations in discreet locations throughout the facility. We also have a swim store to supply your aquatic needs whether you need a new pair of goggles, a swimsuit, or another item to help with lessons and comfortable swimming.

Teaching Swimming for Every Age Group

From babies aged 6-months and older, up to adults, we offer swimming lessons in Frisco for every age and ability level at Water Champs Swim School. Our classes are split up into specific age ranges to keep children and adults learning with others of a similar age. By grouping everyone together based on age, we can help swimmers feel more comfortable and to make some friends along the way too. No matter what age you or your child is, we offer custom swim classes in Frisco to help you learn and develop your skills in the water.

Private Swim Lessons are Available

If you aren't comfortable taking the group lessons at our facility, you can skip the class setting and move on to private lessons instead. We offer one-on-one lessons you can use to work on specific skills or to get more comfortable with the water without the stress of having others around you as you do. Enjoy more specific direction from our instructors and get the time you need to really master new skills in our private sessions.

why water champs

Why Water Champs?

Our Mission

Our Mission

The goal of Water Champs Swim School is to provide students with fundamental skills to swim in a safe and loving environment. We understand that most of our children are experiencing swimming instruction for the first time, and recognize the anxiety that comes along. We will assess each child’s swimming ability and place him or her into the best learn to swim class for their needs. Our mission is to provide the BEST learning experience possible, and make swimming part of a healthy lifestyle.

our facility

Our Facility

Welcome to Frisco’s newest state of the art indoor Swim School! Our 5500 square foot newly constructed indoor facility will have:
  • A separate climate controlled viewing gallery with extra large glass
  • A state of the art EPA approved UV water purification and filtration system
  • Humidity controlled pool deck with water at 90 degree for year-round swimming
  • Individual changing rooms
  • Diaper changing stations
  • A swim store to supply your aquatic needs

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