Safety overview of Covid-19 | swim lessons safety druing covid-19
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Safety Overview

Safety First – Actions we are taking to ensure safe environment for our families and staff



People with any Covid-19 like symptoms like cough, fever, shortness of breath or combinations of these symptoms will be asked to not enter the building.

Class Size Changes

In order to adhere to proper social distancing we’re reducing the number of classes scheduled at a given time.

Temperature Checks

All swimmers will receive temperature check before entering pool area. All staff will also receive temperature check before start of each shift.

Face Masks

Front desk staff will be wearing face masks. Swim instructors will be wearing a face shields.

6 ft. Distancing

We will be practicing social distancing around the building, including in our pool areas.

Work Areas

Instructors will clean their areas before, during and after use.

Seating Distancing

Our observation/seating area is large enough to comfortably provide 6-ft of separation to implement social distance sitting.


Swimmers need to be ready in their swim attire with their swim caps, goggles, and a towel. Changing rooms to be used only in emergency to minimize the exposure.

Swim Lessons

Lanes will be widened and swimmers will wait in corners when not swimming. Coaches will be centered in middle of the lane.


Parents will be required to wear face masks to protect others.


We will be cleaning all high-touch surfaces like doors handles and bathroom fixtures.

Toys and pool equipment will also be cleaned regularly.

Not in Use

Showers, changing stalls, and hair dryers will be temporarily out of use.

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