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Summer is coming so get enrolled in swim lessons! Experience our spacious, clean facility, and our indoor heated pool. Call 469-640-1855 or Email for any questions.

General Policies

  • Facility Rules

    • Swimmers must be appropriately dressed and checked-in 5 min prior to lesson time.
    • Please have your child use the restroom before lessons.
    • Enter and exit the pool area through the dedicated “Enter” and “Exit” doors.
    • Only students registered for swim lessons can enter the pool deck. All others should remain in the observation area.
    • No shoes are allowed on the pool deck area.
    • Parents are responsible for their children before, during, and after lessons.
    • In the event of an ‘accident’ in the pool, i.e. bowel movement, vomit, etc., the pool will be evacuated. The appropriate procedure for such an incident will be administered according to regulations.
    • Cubbies are located in the changing area for your convenience; however, we are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
    • Smoking, alcohol, profanity, and weapons are strictly prohibited.
  • Swim Attire

    • Swimsuit – We strongly encourage all swimmers to wear a competitive type swimsuit. While fashion suits are cute and fun, they are not designed for mastering skills as they can hold excess water.
    • Diapers – All swimmers under 36 months and Swimmers older than 36 months who haven’t been potty trained for at least 6 months, MUST wear a disposable swim diaper AND an approved cloth swim diaper.
    • The Cloth swim diaper must pass the “two-finger test”. If two fingers can be inserted under the elastic in the legs and waist, the child will not be permitted to enter the water.
    • Goggles – We strongly encourage all swimmers to wear goggles.
    • Swim Cap – We strongly encourage swim caps for swimmers with hair below the ears.
  • Registration and Tuition

    • A Non-Refundable annual membership of $30 per swimmer is due upon enrolling.
    • If you withdraw for 6 months or longer, the registration fee is due again.
    • Each family must sign the policies & procedures during the registration process
    • Monthly Tuition is due on the 25th of the month prior to the next month. If the payment is not received by the 1st of the month, a $15 late fee will be added
    • Payments may be made by Credit Card. Autopay options are available and highly recommended.
  • Cancellation/Discontinue Lessons

    • A 30 day written notification is required for cancellation.
    • Our program is a continuous program; therefore, once you have signed up for lessons, you will stay enrolled until you inform us you are discontinuing
  • Absence and Make-up Policy

    • Water Champs allows 1 FREE make-up lesson per month for 1x/week class, and 2 FREE make-up lessons for 2x/week classes. Each ADDITIONAL make-up in a given month is $5.
    • Absence notifications must be received at least 4 Hours prior to your scheduled class time to be eligible for a make-up class.
    • To maintain the integrity of our classes, we ask that you report an absence as soon as possible.
    • Report an absence by calling 469-640-1855, sending an email to, or submit 'REPORT ABSENCE' form under Parent Info at
    • Once you notify Water Champs of an absence, that spot is no longer yours and may be offered to another student for that day.
    • No notifications and NO SHOWS will not be eligible for a make-up class.
    • To schedule a make-up class, please stop by the front desk, email:, or fill out a ‘Request make-up’ form online. Make-up classes are not available on a walk-in basis.
    • Make-up class eligibility expires 30 days after the missed class. Make-up classes expire on the drop date if withdrawing from lessons and cannot be carried over.
    • Once a make-up class is scheduled, it cannot be rescheduled or made up if missed.
    • Make-ups are NOT allowed for PRE-COMP training classes.
    • Missed Private Lessons will be made up in a group class.
    • Note: We will do our very best to get you scheduled for a make-up class as soon as possible; however, they are based on availability and are not guaranteed. Makeups cannot be transferred to pay for classes and hold no cash value.
  • Inclement Weather

    • In the event of Inclement Weather, we will notify students via email on file. If a cell phone is on file, we will attempt to send a text alert.
  • Communications

    • Since our lessons run consecutively there may not always be time before or after your students’ lesson to speak with the swim instructor. If you’re interested in communicating with the instructor, please speak to one of the staff members for details.
    • You can always call or send an email with questions.
    • We realize the importance of maintaining consistency of our swim instructors. We will do our best to minimize staffing changes. However, we reserve the right to provide a substitute instructor without prior notice. Our instructors are highly qualified and trained with our curriculum.

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